Appointments & Fees


Spot Check


If you have a specific concern such as a non healing sore, itchy, tender area, which bleeds, a changed mole, something new on your skin which stands out as abnormal, please inform reception at time of appointment.


Dr Rohde will always give priority to your concern and allow time to perform a biopsy if need be after digital dermoscopic examination.

Total Body Skin Check

Diagnosis of skin cancer involves taking a thorough past medical and skin cancer history, assessing your skin cancer risk factors, family history of melanoma followed by a dermascopic skin examination. At the end of assessment, Dr Rohde will be able to advise you of a provisional diagnosis and treatment plan. Sometimes a conformation by skin biopsy will be required.


All procedures are booked after the initial total body skin check. This is done under a small amount of local anaesthetic and a very fine gauge needle. Sometimes for your comfort, Dr Rohde may apply a numbing cream to sites such as nose, lips and other more sensitive areas prior to injecting a local anaesthetic.


Diagnosis of a melanoma will require removal of part of the lesion. This is referred to as a diagnostic excision. A final procedure is planned when a melanoma diagnosis is confirmed. The biopsy sample is sent off to pathology for confirmation of diagnosis and takes about 3-5 days for a report. A copy can be sent to your GP with your permission. A follow up appointment to discuss results is always be required.

Follow Up Appointment

Biopsy results are discussed in a consultation at which time a skin surgery appointment is scheduled with Dr Rohde or a referral to a general or a plastic surgeon is given depending on the complexity of the condition and patient choice. In some cases a telephone consultation may be appropriate to discuss the result and is determined and advised by Dr Rohde.

Patients are provided a routine post surgical dressing appointment if required cost free as part of aftercare, Dr Rohde will also advise you regarding your skin cancer risk and skin cancer screening interval. A follow-up spot check appointment may also be advised to monitor a spot, mole or rash in 4- 12 weeks.


Cosmetic Procedures


Dr Rohde has advance skills in non surgical cosmetic procedures and over 15 years in experience gained in leading Cosmetic Clinics in Sydney. All procedures are performed at competitive cost and exceptionally high standard.


Please call reception to book an initial consultation and  discuss your personal needs, expectations and cosmetic  treatments with Dr Nada Rohde.